Treatments are typically one hour in duration.
If there are symptoms or pain felt in multiple areas e.g. knee, shoulder and neck, several treatment sessions are advisable. 
Treatments are rarely restricted to one style of massage. In any session a combination of techniques are used to achieve the best result and resolve problem areas. 
Therefore, a relaxation massage can be very therapeutic and a deep tissue massage can be very relaxing.


Deep Tissue Massage 1 h € 60

Deep tissue massage uses specific sports massage techniques to reduce muscle soreness and help prevent repetitive strain injuries. Common sports-injuries like strains, sprains and overuse will be dealt with.


Myoskeletal  Massage 1 h € 60  / 90 min € 90

A variety of techniques are used, some working directly on joints to increase range of motion, address muscle imbalance and improve postural dysfunctions. Very effective when treating frozen shoulder or hip and low back pain.

Holistic Massage 1 hour € 60

This soothing treatment offers an excellent opportunity to take time out and reach a level of ease that can be equivalent to 3-4 hours of deep sleep.


Additional services

Dry needling and Taping may be included in any treatment.


Personal Training / 1-1 Rehabilitation

These sessions are usually in the gym and are tailored to your needs. The service is only available during weekdays and until 4 pm.